GRS Training - Featured Artist: 2007

LB attended GRS Training Center in Emporia, Kansas for a Bulino Technique Class.  She was featured on their website with this writeup:

Laurie Brown loves art, working with jewelry, and engraving. Years ago, she had trouble finding someone who would openly teach her to engrave. Just outside the Baltimore, Maryland area, Laurie has now been working with a master engraver at Smyth Jewelers for the past few years. She is serious about engraving and her work shows it.

In May 2007 Laurie took a special bulino engraving class in the GRS Training Center taught by Christian DeCamillis. Chris complemented her strong work ethic and engraving skill. Here is one of Laurie’s bulino class projects, an amazingly well-engraved buck deer.

Fine bulino engraving is a skill that can be learned by most people who are willing to commit themselves to doing so, as long as they have a qualified and dedicated teacher like Chris. If you are interested in such a class, plan well ahead — these classes sell out each year almost immediately. Visit the GRS Training Center online for course information.

Tools used: GraverMach and GRS / Meiji Microscope.

Work for Baltimore Ravens 2006-2008

Laurie had the honor of hand polishing the Raven’s Superbowl and AFC Championship Trophies while employed by the official jeweler of the Ravens, Smyth Jewelers.  She also hand engraved a sterling  bowl for John Harbaugh, head coach, presented by his coaching staff.

Recognition and Fun Stuff

Johns Hopkins Magazine: 2009

Later this month, when Johns Hopkins University installs Ronald J. Daniels as its 14th president, he will not have to look far for a reminder of his presidential lineage—it will be around his neck. Along with a home in Nichols House and an office in Garland Hall, the new president will receive the official chain of office, a ceremonial necklace, of sorts, fashioned from the engraved sterling silver portraits of every university president, starting with Daniel Coit Gilman. The chain, which the university president wears at events such as Freshman Convocation and Commencement, signifies the authority vested in the president by the board of trustees.

Keeping with tradition, the university turned to them to create the newest link, and they commissioned artist Laurie Brown to do the engraving, based on one of Daniels’ more serious photographs to match the tone of the others.

After the ceremony, the chain of office will go back into storage, its work done until the next ceremonial occasion.

LB loves to create unique engravings from scratch.  She hand crafts a few jewelry pieces herself, solely to have a blank canvas to execute her ideas.  Pictured here is a hand-pierced 1” sterling disc and 1/2” sterling cuff bracelet.