Hand Engraving



Size approximations for Monograms/Initials/Names/Words up to 20 letters


Small (dime-nickel size)

Medium (quarter-half dollar size)

Holloware (baby cups, tankards, trays, etc.)  

Completion time approximately 2-4 weeks depending on type of work being done

Requests less than 2 weeks subject to express charge

Carvings, crests & detailed engraving require longer completion time

For all unique pieces, time & price estimate required

Directions must include desired placement of engraving, direction of piece, and style

Also include any pictures or descriptions from customer


Metals that can be engraved by Hand:

Gold, Sterling Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Pewter, Quality Stainless (usually only on backs of watches and some Gun Hardware-before assembly)

NO Plated Items.


Engraving is drawn and executed by hand, using the Classic Patented Lindsay Air Graver.  Examples include Ring Carvings (traditional & original), Animal & Human portraits (using Bulino technique), Specialty Designs, Floral Decor, Logos.  Sketches provided by engraver upon request for customer approval.